Naturespharm is an Irish company founded by Sean McCarthy. Sean McCarthy is a holistic herbalist. Several years ago Sean was diagnosed with Crohns disease.  It was through this illness that he discovered the healing power or herbs ,vitamins and amazingly green tea. After two years of taking herbs and vitamins and Green tea Sean was able to take himself off all medication. All ingredients in the Naturespharm range of supplements and Green Tea are derived from natural ingredients.

AQUON® 100% natural seawater collected from French Brittany, in areas called Vortex, micro-filtered at cool temperatures and HEXAGONALLY STRUCTURED bringing all the electrolytes which our bodies need.

Seawater contains 78 ELECTROLYTES which are BIOAVAILABLE as well as other elements in very small quantities. The mineral content of deep sea water is a mirror image of the human body plasma, so our bodies like it, absorb it and respond rapidly to its benefits.

Aquon® Isotonic  allows cellular detoxification. It allows the regeneration of cellular metabolism because it gradually replaces and balances the extracellular fluid minerals.  

Aquon® Hyper is appropriate in all the states of tiredness, fatigue, chronic fatigue, weakness, stress, depression, for athletes and for anyone performing work where important minerals losses occur through sweating. When drinking Aquon Hypertonic and Isotonic recovery of electrolytes is immediate. For times of maximum intellectual effort, exam periods, nervousness, AQUON® Hypertonic helps improving attention span and performance.

No preservatives

No Sweeteners

No artificial colours

No artificial falvours


The total salt concentration of sea water in the Atlantic Ocean is 35 gr./litre. Among other minerals, AQUON® Hyper contains 10 ml:


4.10 mg


12.64 mg


3.93 mg


108.73 mg


1.31 mg


183.70 mg


25.17 mg


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